Directors and Founders

Directors and Founders

_DSC7550Garda Alexander

Garda Alexander is a visual artist. She has worked as freelancer for 20 years. Since 1999 she realized artistic works together with children.
Since 2001 she is painting with the beduin children in Sina/Egypt and founded the organization child & art 2004. Refer to

Her engagement derives from of the conviction that creative work strengthens the consciousness and self-esteem. “I work for a vision of a world in which children anchor in their basic trust.”

Monika EstermannMonika Estermann

Monika Estermann is a freelance photographer in Zurich . With her work and the passion for cultures she has been traveling around the world within the last thirty years. In this way, the conviction grew that the sensitive and sincere support of children is the best investment in the future.

Max VoegeliMax Vögeli

Max Vögeli is a business economist and self-employed as a financial expert and a director. In 2004 he assisted Garda Alexander in the establishment of the association kind & Kunst. Previously, he had been involved in Africa for the Baobab Trust and the WWF Aargau.

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