Mission and Objectives

Mission and Objectives

Even today, nomadic children in the Sinai do not enjoy a good education in any way. Since its foundation in 2004, the sponsors and members of the association Child and Art have been interested in counteracting this situation. For political reasons they were not allowed to present themselves as a school, so they taught the children how to deal with pencils and paper (which most of them did not see until recently), creatively as well as pictorially. The fact that “some arithmetic and writing exercises” were also carried out in the process, initiated by local women who run our “Learning Centers”, need not be specially mentioned.

In the course of the years not only our children have developed, but also the association Kind & Kunst. Today (although still under poor, simple conditions), in addition to the educational activities, we also offer training in the field of agriculture and the production of our own clothes.

This is intended to make farming more efficient and, in principle, to enable the production of food. The local women learn to use sewing machines and can train the adolescent girls. Clothes, bedding and sewn products for everyday use no longer have to be bought at great expense.

The aim is to consolidate and expand this educational platform, which was initiated in 2004, for people who are not entirely on the sunny side of life.

Since 2021, the activities of the locals, such as the built “Learning Center”, initiated and supported by our association Kind & Kunst, are under the auspices of a local, recognized NGO based in Nuweiba – South Sinai.