Projects and Workshops

Projects in South-Sinai/Egypt

Mainly in the small town of Dahab and in and around Nuweiba, up to 100 children are trained daily in the areas of writing, reading, arithmetic, such as drawing and painting – so-called basic education.
We also train adult Bedouins in reading and writing (illiterate training).
At the same time, young people who are in the “training phase” are shown and taught how to transform an existing desert soil into a fertile arable and garden soil. Self-production of food has become an essential topic especially after the revolution, because many Bedouin families did not know how to buy food when there is no more tourism and therefore no money can be earned (Organic Farming). Many families at that time had to live in the “Garbage Village” (near Sharm El Sheik there is a garbage dump where the hotels dispose of their leftover food) to survive.
In addition, there are Palm Tree Foundations. After 3 years of growth, each palm tree can feed about 5 families


We are committed to ensuring that the knowledge of the desert guides is not lost and offer young people the opportunity to be trained.
In special sewing workshops (with mostly sponsored sewing machines and material) courses are held. Clothes for all age groups can be made, as well as articles of daily use. The women also produce bed linen and accessories for the surrounding camps and hotels, so that a small income can be generated. The local people also need clothing and items sewn for their dwellings, which they can produce now and do not have to buy.

The more stable the situation becomes for tourism, the easier it is to create products for sale. The Bedouin women are very talented in handicrafts and extremely creative.

At the moment this is still a critical point due to the general situation regarding the pandemic.