Nuweiba „Habiba Organic Farm and Learning Center“

Nuweiba „Habiba Organic Farm and Learning Center“

We started the cooperation with Habiba Organic Farm and Learning Centre in 2014. The founder of the farm and the Center, Lorena and Maged, lead a school for children and building up a Learning Center and an Organic Farm. In the Learning Center next to the Arabic and English language mathematics is taught. The real focus is, however, placed on personal strengths and life school. Art, music, ethics, social responsibility and environmental awareness are taught equally in their own workshops.

Garda Alexander conducts approximately twice a year art and creative workshops on site. Our association supports the centre with materials and utensils.

We support the Palm Tree Foundation. By the Foundation the local Bedouin families are supported and thus, indirectly, the Learning Center. You can sponsor a Palm Tree directly by Megad El Said

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