Trekking-Adventure im Sinai

“A journey inside” by foot or by camel through the Sinai desert is a unique experience that will inspire you and remain unforgettable. The stone desert reveals a variation of formations and colors that are very impressive – a true natural spectacle. We offer different tours with experienced desert guides, which can be tailored to your needs. The Bedouins prepare all the meals for you and we make a point of ensuring that the food we carry is organic as much as possible and is purchased from local people. We support our association “Organic Farming and Agriculture” and if the season allows it, we will of course buy the food there. 2 times a year Cornelia Vogelsang and I (Garda Alexander) will personally travel along and offer Yoga, Meditation and BioGeometry within the trekking journey,

Depending on the season, you sleep under the magical starry sky. Sleeping bags and mats can be organized, as well as tents. Mostly, however, fellow travelers prefer to bring their own sleeping bag.

Good footwear is essential, as is light clothing during the day (long cotton shirts, loose pants, padded underwear (cycling or riding pants). For the evening we recommend to pack warm clothes (down jacket, sweater, possibly also ski underwear). Sun protection, such as hat or scarf (we can also organize). Detailed information will be sent to you well in advance of departure.

If you have any questions or would like more information, we would be happy to hear from you at:

General info for all fellow travelers: with your trip you help to support the projects of the association.

Of course you have the possibility to visit the project places before or after the trekking.